- When I was setting up this site for the Marquez family, I asked his mother to write down some thoughts about him.  I was touched by how strongly she felt about him and how much I know she loves him. I wanted others to be able to feel this way about him, and get to know him they way his family knew him.  This is a copy of what she wrote to me:

     Nathaniel was very passionate about justice. He was very spiritual, he was loyal to his family and his friends. He accepted them unconditionally. He was very forgiving and if any of these people did something to him he was very forgiving. He had an incredible perceptual ability, and could see through people. He understood what caused thenm to do the things they did. That is why he was impatient with some people, yet extremely charitable toward others.

     Nathaniel helped anyone in need no matter what their circumstance. He has always been there for anyone that needed his help, no matter what wrong they may have caused in any part of their lives.

     Nathaniel has said since he was ten years old, that he knew why he was to come to this earth. He said he was sent here to cause certain people to have better lives. This has happened.

     Nathaniel was an electronics and mechanical genius. He could invent anything with a knowledge of electricity that he knew without having to be taught. He was a master at woodworking. A real perfectionist! He could invent and loved working with model airplanes from his own design.

     Nathaniel was also a talented sculptor. He formed beautful works of art from lumps or blocks of clay. In their words; He was beyond what his art instructors could teach him.

     Nathaniel suffered tremendously with being bipolar, and with dyslexia. It was difficult to be one of the brightest students in a class, yet be put in the lowest level in an academic group because spelling and writing were so difficult. It was also pure abuse to go without sleep for days and days in a hyper mode and have no control over what has overtaken your body. He handled himself and his afflictions with all he could muster. These afflictions only made him more understanding for others who suffered injustices too.

     Nathaniel has not stopped being in tune with the needs of others just because he has passed form this mortal estate. There are people who have come to me to tell me of his help with problems even a year and a half after his passing. I am one of those people, and I can not deny what he has done for me more than a few times since he has left us.

     Nathaniel loved music. Pink Floyd, U2, the old late 50's intrumentals, Moby, the beatles, and more. All kinds of music. There were no catagories of music for which he could be defined. Like having a love for all kinds of humanity, so was he love for music. His favorite movies were October Sky, and Stand By Me, His favorite TV shows were The Wonder Years, That robot battle show where the contestant had to build his own robot to battle the opponent. And most of all - Junk Yard wars. He also watched the do it yourself home improvemnt shows. Those shows were his brain candy. He could veg out getting into those.

     His favorite color was green. He liked what he called "clean green" The one green that would be in the 5 lifesaver flavors, or that one crayola crayon in the box of eight that was called "green".

     He liked to dress up. He had baggies and cut off khaki's but he also enjoyed wearing a suit. He ws extremely good looking. He always took really good care of himself.

     He was a chick magnet. He could talk to a girl and help with what ever their problem was because he was always concerned. This caused whatever girl it happened to be, to have a mad crush on him.

     He had a good handle on what was important. He wanted a special friend for a wife. He wanted a family. He knew this was putting his priorites right.

     Nathaniel would have been an extraordinary father.

     He loved camping and hiking. He was a natural outdoorsman. He knew how to make use of the natural environment, and he knew how to take care of it.

     "Nathaniel's Place" is a large parcel of land within the Maryland departmant of Natural Resources. Nathaniel found this land had been a dumping ground for reckless, careless people. He organized the community and huge reclamation project took place. Where there was dumped junk of all kinds, there is now new growth of nature as it should have been for ages. We were honored to be able to name this site "Nathaniel's Place" shortly after his death. We go there often and invite anyone who is willing to help keep the area litter free to visit "Nathaniel's Place" too.